Professional Division - Virtual Talk : Fibrous Organic Cellulose Technology

DATE : Thursday, 8 April 2021

TIME : 10.00 - 11.30 WIB

SPEAKER : Starly Hartono – Chief of Technical Officer
                  Mohammad As’ad – Product Inventor


Fiber containing of specially engineered fibrous organic cellulose material proves to be used to bridge microfractures and stabilize the shales formation while drilling oil and gas wells.  Research has been focusing at developing solutions for induced fractures, primarily fractures that occur whilst drilling depleted formation. During the search for ideal source of fibrous material, a simple test kit is developed. A method for testing invasion depth in 20/40 gravel pack sand using this fibrous material indicate the strengthening techniques focus on avoiding loss, moreover on increasing the apparent fracture gradient by sealing the fractures and isolating the fracture tip to keep it from further elongating. The differential pressure used is 150psi and the filtration invasion into the sand is measured through the transparent side wall of the tube. For laboratory uses cells are developed for differential pressure up to 500 psi.

Field experiences indicate that fibers can create a matrix which makes filter cake formation a good correlation to the formation and experience wellbore stability. A treatment program is established, using drilling fluids from active system with 8-10 ppb concentration of fibers. Continuous treatments in active drilling fluids are key to control its ability of thin layer impermeable filter cake that seal and stabilize fractures and to prevent formation damage for optimum production.

The fibers are chosen from a range of properties which makes them well suited for rapidly creating matrix which isolates the wellbore fluids from penetrating into the formations fracture network. It is Indonesia manufactured – sourced, patented fibers organic materials and it only can be found in Indonesia. This material has obtained an accreditation from CEFAS OCSN E Rating for Europe and UK drilling operation. Also from Nems Chemical which meet OSPAR standard for North Sea drilling operation and it is categorized as a “Green label” material.

Reference SPE Papers:

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