Energy Supply

Why do you explore for and produce oil and natural gas in Indonesia?
  • Structural surge in demand worldwide 
  • Among the Asean countries, Indonesia holds the largest portion of oil and gas reserves
  • Geological conditions are favorable for any kind of activity dealing with oil and gas
  • Supportive infrastructure
  • Worldwide, energy consumption is projected to rise more than 50 per cent by 2030. 
  • Need to meet demand.

What does the industry's economic contribution look like?

Our industry is a strong and important contributor to our national economy.

  • 7 % contribution to the GDP
  • 25% of budget revenues (Tax & Non-Tax)
  • US$ 10 Billion of annual expenditures in exploration, development & production
  • US$ 30 million of annual community development investment


What does the industry's workforce look like?

Every day, thousands of committed employees across Indonesia contribute to the growth, creation and development of our industry, making an important contribution to Indonesia's economy.

  • Direct employment of some 300 thousand industry personnel
  • Indirect employment of millions of others


What new technologies or innovations are being used by the industry?

Our industry is constantly striving to improve on existing technologies, particularly to minimize our environmental impact.

  • Such as?


Where does Indonesia rank as a global energy producer?
  • #... largest producer of natural gas
  • #... largest energy producer
  • #... largest producer of crude oil.

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