The 2021 IPA Convex will be Held Virtually, Emphasizes Indonesia's Future Energy Vision

The 2021 IPA Convex will be Held Virtually, Emphasizes Indonesia's Future Energy Vision


Jakarta, 18 August 2021 – The 45th IPA Convention and Exhibition of 2021 (“2021 IPA Convex”) will be held on 1-3 September 2021 virtually as an adaptation to the Covid-19 pandemic titled “Realizing Indonesia's Energy Vision Post Pandemic.”

The President of the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA), Gary Selbie, said that the energy transition is something that cannot be avoided by oil and gas companies around the world. Under The Paris Agreement on the target of reducing carbon emissions, the upstream oil and gas industry players work hard to reduce carbon emissions resulting from their activities. "IPA realizes that this policy must work hand-in-hand with the oil and gas production target that has been set by the Government," he said.

He elaborated that although the potential for new and renewable energy in Indonesia is quite promising amidst the efforts to reduce carbon emissions, the national oil and gas potential as contained in the energy mix is known to be very large and ready to be developed. Aside from being energy sources, oil and gas are also considered a driver for economic growth and have a multiplier effect on the economy.

That is why we need a balance between the national oil and gas production target and the carbon emission reduction target. To achieve this balance, an integrated policy is necessary. This can provide clarity for potential global investors to invest in Indonesia. "Clear policies also need to be followed by regulatory and tax certainty," he said.

Gary said that this year's IPA Convex has the main focus of discussing how to achieve the set oil and gas production targets by optimizing Indonesia’s oil and gas potentials. "In addition, IPA Convex will also discuss various issues related to the energy transition that this industry cannot avoid in the future," he added.

The Chair of the 2021 IPA Convex Committee Rina Rudd added that the IPA Convex is highly anticipated by global and national stakeholders in the upstream oil and gas industry. By holding this online event, IPA expressed its support for the government's efforts to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

She argued that this theme is timely because the pandemic has changed the world order, everybody is affected and the oil and gas industry is no exception. “Post Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world, including the oil and gas companies, needs to adapt so that the set targets can still be met,” she said.

Rina added that this year’s IPA Convex will hold an exclusive discussion that will bring together three ministers related to the upstream oil and gas industry in Indonesia. The three ministers are the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Minister of Finance, and the Minister of Environment and Forestry. The discussion is titled "The New Landscape of Oil and Gas Investment in Indonesia".

In addition to the discussions with the three Ministers, the 2021 IPA Convex will also present several discussion sessions, with the following topics:

- The Road to 1 MMBOPD/12 BSCFD – Tracking The Progress, in the Plenary Session 1

- Towards 12 BSCFD: Unlocking the Gas Market, in the Plenary Session 2

- Indonesia’s Energy Transition Plan, in the Plenary Session 3, and

- Permitting Post-Omnibus Law, in the Morning Talk

There will also be more than 40 poster presentations and 80 oral presentations at the 2021 IPA Convex; sharing information and knowledge from practitioners, technical experts, and students. The poster & student presentation program can be accessed on August 30 and 31, 2021. This program will present 42 professionals who will share technical knowledge through posters and presentations. Meanwhile, the oral presentation session will be on September 1-3, 2021, which will have 87 professionals speaking.

"In regard to the Exhibition, the 2021 IPA Convex will present a virtual exhibition area which will be attended by dozens of exhibiting companies, consisting of national and international oil and gas companies, supporting service companies, government institutions, etc. Through virtual booths, exhibitors can still interact with visitors through the chat feature, along with other features such as company information, program/product catalog, company video, among others. Through virtual booths, business presentations will be provided to showcase programs from the cast participants, as well as CSR activities that have been carried out by these KKKS companies," she explained.

One of the latest features to be introduced at the 2021 IPA Convex is Business Matching. This feature will connect exhibitors with prospective investors or professionals who want to pursue collaboration. Exhibition visitors can submit a business matching request to the target company by first registering and uploading a business card. After the business matching request is received by the company concerned, visitors can have virtual meetings facilitated by the Convex IPA Virtual Platform.

Rina said that the 2021 IPA Convex is fully supported by sponsors consisting of national and international oil and gas companies such as Pertamina, BP Indonesia, Schlumberger, MedcoEnergi, Mubadala Petroleum, Chevron Pacific Indonesia, ExxonMobil Indonesia, INPEX Masela, Petronas, Premier Oil. , Repsol, and more.

She added that the IPA Convex 2021 will be free of charge. This decision is made to expand opportunities for investors, potential investors, stakeholders and the general public to be involved in this grand event. Visitors only need to register through the site and follow the instructions.

"Hopefully, the 2021 IPA Convex can be an opportune event for all stakeholders in the upstream oil and gas industry to improve the attractiveness of Indonesia's investment climate in the eyes of global business players and ensure the sustainability of the upstream oil and gas industry as an economic driver that has a multiplier effect," she concluded. (*)

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