The IPA Publications Committee is part of the Professional Division and has a remit to disseminate technical information on upstream, downstream and corporate operations in Indonesia. This include annual conference proceedings, technical symposium proceedings, workshop publications, field guides and other one-off publications (books etc). While the Committee is not part of the Convention Technical Committees it provides advice on production of publications and ensures that these are archived for future access. Currently the IPA has agreements with a number of external organisations (e.g. AAPG Datapages, Elsevier Geofacets, Searcher Geoclerk, Curran Associates) to assist in more widely disseminating our publications and also generating revenue for the organization. An online publications database has been compiled and allows IPA members and Guests to search our database, read abstracts, where available and download the full publication directly (for Members) or via AAPG Datapages (for Guests).
Please note that the downloaded papers remain the property of the Indonesian Petroleum Association and should not be uploaded to other websites or passed on to non-IPA members.