What is the industry doing about climate change?
  • We all have a role to play in managing climate change 
  • expect the oil and gas industry to do its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • We're focused on finding new technologies - like carbon capture and storage 
  • More?

How much water does the industry use?
  • Water is an integral part of oil and gas production, and we are committed to using water responsibly. 
  • Recycling techniques and reusing water?

What happens to the land that you work on after industry is finished with development and production
  • Oil and gas activity has an effect, sometimes a profound one, on the land we use. Putting the land back the way we found it, or reclaiming the land, is an important part of our environmental practices.
  • How do you restore the land?

What steps does the industry take to minimize its impact on wildlife?

Our industry operates in areas shared by many forms of wildlife. We work hard to minimize our impact by using new technologies and collaborating with other industries like forestry.

What impact does your offshore petroleum industry have on local fishing habitats?

While we do operate in the same region as the fishing industry, we work in consultation and regular communication to ensure the protection of Indonesia's marine environment.

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