Closing Session: 42nd IPA Convex Ends with a Call for Closer Partnership


The 42nd Indonesian Petroleum Association Convention and Exhibition (IPA Convex) ended today with both regulator and industry executives in agreement that forging a closer partnership is essential to build a better future for the upstream oil and gas industry.
“Let’s work together and (be) more efficient,” Amien Sunaryadi, Chairman of the Special Taskforce for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas), said in his closing speech.
More than 24,000 people visited the three-day event, which saw participation from 116 exhibitors. A total of three Plenary Sessions, a CEO Forum, a Special Session on Gas, a Technical Program, a PetroChallenge and four Technology Sessions have been held over the course of three days.
The importance of the 42nd IPA Convex has been symbolically raised by the presence of President Joko Widodo in the opening ceremony, during which the President assured industry players that the government will continue to streamline bureaucracy in a bid to lure investors.
“The presence of President Joko Widodo is a positive signal of attention to the national upstream oil and gas industry. The IPA is also grateful for the Government's openness to discuss various regulations to attract upstream oil and gas investment, which will support energy security, provide multiple positive effects and support economic growth,” Ronald Gunawan as the IPA President, said in his opening speech.
Carrying the theme of “Driving Indonesia’s Oil and Gas Global Competitiveness”, the 42nd IPA Convex also heard about experiences and best practices in the partnership between regulators and industry players.
The theme is apt and relevant, considering the introduction of the gross split PSC regime and the ongoing dynamics involving the global oil and gas industry.
“Indonesia is certainly on the right track to create a more business-friendly environment,” Raymond E Jones, Vice President of ExxonMobil, said.
The inaugural Technology Sessions provided key insights and developments that will drive the upstream oil and gas industry forward. One such development is the increasing use of data analytic tools in the operational management of upstream oil and gas companies.
Also, the Technology Sessions discussed the appropriate business models for oil and gas companies looking to adopt the new gross split regime.
As per usual, the IPA Convex also awarded outstanding industry professionals and students for their scientific pursuits in the Technical Program. The program is a part of the IPA’s commitment to continuously develop human resources in the industry.
The 42nd IPA Convex ended with an appreciation from the industry for the efforts by the government to improve the investment climate in the upstream oil and gas.
“It is a fact that we all can agree upon, that Indonesia's upstream oil and gas industry is still very attractive for business players. Some changes made by the Government should be appreciated and fully supported by all stakeholders in this business sector. Therefore, continuous good cooperation in the future between the Government and the business sector is paramount to this cause,” Ronald Gunawan said.
See you at the 43rd IPA Convention and Exhibition 2019!

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