Unconventional Hydrocarbon

Chairman: Moshe Rizal Husin (Ephindo)




The Unconventional Hydrocarbon Committee will focus on issues, studies and regulations being developed regarding Coal Bed Methane, Shale & Tight Sands Hydrocarbon, and other unconventional oil and gas resources.




NO. Title  Name Company
1. Chairman Moshe Rizal Husin Ephindo
2. Vice Chairman Dindot Soebandrio Sugih Energy (Selat Panjang MNK)
3. Secretary Stuart Smith  Lion Energy 
4. Member Heri Suryanto Pacific Oil & Gas
5.   Dave Taber Chevron
6.   Darmawan Medco
7.   Wahyu Danumulyo Inpex
8.   Pedro Nemalceff Cooper Energy
9.   Minter Silalahi Energi Mega Persada
10.   Yudie Iskandar Total
11.   Sekar Sakti Hastasari Pertamina
12.   Tonny Supariadi P. PHE
13.   Erica Listiani Santos
14.   Walter Ziza AWE
15.   Yong Wah Kee NuEnergy Gas
16.   Dini SUnardi ConocoPhillips
17.   Rusli Sugico
18.   Welly Ramadhan Bukit Energy
19.   Achmadi Kasim Vico
20.   Tonny Supariadi Pertamina (Sumbagut MNK)
21.   Gema Purnama Pertamina (Sumbagut MNK)
22.   Sugeng Haryanto Pertamina (Sakakemang MNK)
23.   Fanny Rosdiawan Pertamina (Sakakemang MNK)
24.   Amritzar Aimar Pacific Oil & Gas (Kisaran MNK)
25.   Bernad Sinaga Pacific Oil & Gas (Kisaran MNK)
26.   Charlie Wu Sugih Energy (Selat Panjang MNK)
27.   Chandra Daud Tiranda Bukit Energy (Palmerah & Sakakemang MNKs)




Strategies and Objectives

  • Discussion with Migas on our response letter to the minister on MRE 38/2015 which includes SKK Migas role in the new Gross Split Sliding Scale contract and other issues such as tax, asset ownership, contract entity, etc…
  • Discussion with SKK Migas on new PTK’s for the Net Sliding Scale contract
  • Draft new contract based on the latest government proposal in Net and Gross Sliding Scale with the engagement of external law firm
  • Discussion with Migas and ESDM on our moratorium proposal for existing PSC
  • Economic evaluation based on the latest government proposal in Net and Gross Sliding Scale
  • Discussion on economic model with Migas
  • 7.Evaluation of KEN’s proposal in funding the MNK wells (legal and procedure aspects)
  • 8.Focus Group Discussion on technical and environmental aspect of MNK supported by Litbang ESDM, SKK Migas, Migasand KEN
  • Focus Group Discussion on Pre-POD Gas sales with Litbang ESDM, SKK Migas and Migas
  • Discussion Minister Decree and PTK on POD with SKK Migas and Migas


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