Sumber Daya Manusia

Chairman: Aryoko Dwinanto (Exxonmobil)






NO. Title  Name Company
1. Chairman Aryoko Dwinanto ExxonMobil Indonesia
2. Vice Chairman Silvia Rianawati Talisman
3. Secretary Budi Mumandari BP Indonesia
4.   Evita Najoan ConocoPhillips
5. Members Arividya Novyanto Total E&P Indonesie
6.   Darmawan Utomo Cnooc
7.   Franciska Sontiara Savitri Schlumberger
8.   Muhammad Hermawan Santos
9.   M.H. Manullang  Ophir
10.   Maryke Pulunggono Petrochina
11.   Umar Chatab Premier Oil
12.   Wahono H. Sukardjo Chevron




Strategies and Objectives

  • Conduct quarterly HR Committee meeting.
  • Strengthen partnership with stakeholders to drive higher productivity of oil and gas industry.
  • With “simplification, macro management and value adding” approach to enhance efficiency and effectiveness to drive higher productivity and competitiveness of the industry, provide advocacy and input on :
    • The upcoming Ministry of Finance bill on funded severance
    • The upcoming revision for PTK018/2008 Rev 1
    • Minister Decree No. 31/2013 on expatriate regulations
    • Ministry of Finance regulations no. 258/2011 on expatriate compensation


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