Keuangan dan Pajak

Chairman: Edwinsjah Iskandar(CNOOC)






NO. Title  Name Company
1. Chairman Edwinsjah Iskandar  CNOOC
2. Vice Chairman Hendra Halim  BP Indonesia
3. Taxation Lead Zahra  Premier Oil
4. Tazation Members M. Hendriana BP Indonesia 
5.   Villia Simon Chevron 
6.   Ichwan Sukardi Medco Energi 
7.   Mulyo Basuki ConocoPhillips 
8.   Iman ExxonMobil 
9.   Bambang Prayitno Petrochina 
10.   Adi Petrochina 
11.   Dewa Made Inpex 
12.   Yunan Inpex 
13.   Welly Total E&P Indonesie 
14.   Hilman Margandi Chevron 
15.   Yaatulo Gulo Chevron 
16. Audit Lead    
17. Audit Members Desiantien P. Chevron 
18.   Arief S. Handoko ConocoPhillips 
19.   Djindar Rohani inpex 
20.   Nirza Nasution Total E&P Indonesie 
21. Finance Lead Hendri Chevron 
22. Finance Members Andang Sancaka Inpex
23.   Budi Agus Widjaja BP Indonesia 
24.   Agus Priyantoro Chevron 
25.   Arifin Ahmad Total E&P Indonesie 
26.   Esther Marianto ConocoPhillips 
27.   Florentina Hatmi ExxonMobil 
28.   Andrea Diliharto Medco Energi 
29.   Tarmuji Chevron 
30.   Rayner Gerungan ExxonMobil 
31.   Budi Sunantio BP Indonesia 
32.   Sugeng PHE 
33.   Merly Starenergy 
34.   Kristine Wihardjo Kangean Energy 




Tax Facilities

  • 1.Land & Building Tax
    Objective: Obtain Tax exemption for exploitation PSC
  • Facility/Cost Sharing
    Objective: Obtain tax exemption facility

  • Parent Company Overhead (PCO)
    Objective: Obtain tax exemption facility

Contract Sanctity

  • Tax Audit
    Objective: To honor Uniformity Principle. Cost Recovery dispute ≠ Tax dispute.  Issue PMK or SE to be aligned with PSC Principle
  • VAT Reimbursement (PMK No. 218/2014)
    Objective: To align it with PSC principles and honor the contract.  Revoke PMK218/2014 and ensure 60 day timeframe fulfilled  

  • PBI17
    Objective: For category 3 cost stream: the Contract, Invoice and Payment in non IDR.  If rejected, then offers the fallback plans.
  • Draft Revision Non-Tax State Revenue Law (PNBP)
    Objective: Review and provide feedback.  Make it align with PSC principles.

  • “Right to Audit” by SKK Migas
    Objective:  Discuss and provide feedback to SKK Migas.  Obtain agreement and procedure on how this right to audit works so the operation can run smoothly. 

Internal alignment and approach

  • Working closely with RAC committee on the draft oil and gas law

  • Supporting Exploration Committee to socialize the result of IHS study on fiscal study for exploration

  • Continue to engage the key external stakeholders (among others; KEN, The Executive Office of The President RI, MoF and its sub-departments).

  • Build a strong network with BOD and the relevant committees


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