Chairman: Christian Zwach (Statoil Indonesia)


The Exploration Committee focuses on enhancing the exploration climate in Indonesia, including formulating specific recommendations to the Government to encourage and accelerate exploration activities, as well as exchanging information and creating synergy among the PSCs






NO. Title  Name Company
1. Chairman Christian Zwach  Statoil
2. Vice Chairman Chandra Suria Medco Energi 
3. Members Moektianto Soeryowibowo  BP Indonesia 
4.   Dave Taber Chevron 
5.   Mark Boyd ConocoPhillips 
6.   Marco Barassi Eni Indonesia 
7.   Henry Banjarnahor  Inpex
8.   Gadjah Eko Pireno Krisenergy 
9.   Sonny T. Sampurno Mitra Energy 
10.   Carey Davies Ophir Energy 
11.    Jamin Jamil V Mohd Idris Petronas 
12.    Nick Comrie Smith Premier Oil 
13.    Simone Sciamanna Repsol 
14.    Chris Newton Risco Energy 
15.   Bill Ashby Santos
16.    Hendry Manur Star Energy 
17.    Noor Syarifuddin Total E&P Indonesie 




Strategies and Objectives

  • Finalize and socialize IHS 2015 fiscal study
  • Continued follow-up KEN
  • Contribute to discussion on new O&G law
  • Ad-hoc meetings with Migas/SKK Migas
  • Support IPA’s technical symposium Q4
  • Attract new members for committee 


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